What if you could
earn $300 per month extra cash without doing anything?

Simply allow us to publish our designed car advertisement decals of our business partners on your car and start earning extra cash while driving!

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How does it work?

It's already hard to own a car in Singapore. What makes it harder is that you have to constantly pay for your car installations, petrol, road taxes and countless of hidden costs.

Sign up as a driver

We request for your basic information, daily routes, and estimated mileage per month, as well as your car details.

Install a decal

Wait for an advertiser to choose your car to advertise their brand, our team will then proceed to install the advertisement decal on your car.

Drive your car

Once the decal is installed and your starting mileage filled, you are ready to go! Drive your car just like everyday!

Earn Money

Start earning passive income without doing anything but filling your monthly mileage, while watching extra cash roll into your bank account!

Where will the advertisements be on my car?

At MOVO, you reserve the rights to reject any campaigns that may be assigned to you, so don’t worry too much about getting a car advertisement that you don’t like.

Passenger's Doors

Allow our advertisers to extend their advertisements on your passengers’ doors to gain more attention, and for you to increase higher recurring revenue and opportunities to be shortlisted.

Driver’s Doors

Your car will look pretty creative with the carefully designed advertisements on your driver’s door. Gain additional income now by extending advertisement space there!

Rear & Bumper

Rear Bumper Ads are one of the most popular choice for both drivers and advertisers. Gain lots of impression without being too loud on the advertisements!

How Much Can You Make? Quite A Lot!

  • Earn $100 Per Month
  • 1 Year - $1200
  • $12,000 for 10 Years!
  • Earn $200 Per Month
  • 1 Year - $2400
  • $24,000 for 10 Years!
  • Earn $300 Per Month
  • 1 Year - $3600
  • $36,000 for 10 Years!

*Prices shown above are for estimation purposes

Transparent, Predictable & Attractive Income

We pay our drivers according to the car types and positions that the advertisers would select for the campaign.
Maximize your income by opening up all car advertisement positions!

  • Rear Bumper
  • earn$50per month
  • Uber/Grab: $50
  • Sedan: $50
  • Hatchback: $50
  • Mini Van: $60
  • Van: $80
  • Mini Bus: $100
  • Bus: $150
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  • Doors
  • earn$70per month
  • Uber/Grab: $70
  • Sedan: $60
  • Hatchback: $60
  • Mini Van: $140
  • Van: $220
  • Mini Bus: $350
  • Bus: $550
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  • Whole Car
  • earn$120per month
  • Uber/Grab: $120
  • Sedan: $110
  • Hatchback: $110
  • Mini Van: $200
  • Van: $300
  • Mini Bus: $450
  • Bus: $700
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up as a Driver and start advertising for MOVO?

Sign up by clicking here, register an account, verify your email and start completing your driver’s profile in your driver’s profile account. Upon completion of profile, MOVO will approve your application in 24 working hours and you will be listed on our Car Advertising Portal!

How much can I earn from being a Driver in MOVO?

Earn as much as $200-$400 per month by simply allowing our advertisers to place advertisements on your car!

If I do not like an advertisement campaign that I am being shortlisted, could I reject the job?

Yes, definitely! Simply reject the job in your Driver’s Dashboard and you will not be required to take up this job. However you may not cancel a job if the campaign has already commenced.

What type of car decal do you use for your car advertisements?

We use removable car decal sticker, that can be removed from your car without leaving much residues behind!

How often will I get my payout for the car advertisements?

We can release the payout on every 1st week of the month, upon a minimum 30 days of ad publication.

When do we remove the car decals after a campaign?

Upon completion of the car advertisement campaigns, we will require drivers to come down to our premises so we could proceed with the decal removal process and basic clean up. Everything would be well taken care of by us!

Yes, I want to earn $300 extra cash a month without doing anything!

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